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Quick result PCR-test with travel certificate. Rotterdam

Do you need a quick result PCR-test with travel certificate for Rotterdam ?

Do you need a corona PCR-test with an international travel certificate in English to travel to Rotterdam? Then you are obliged to take a PCR test no more than 48 uur before departure. Book this PCR-tests before Rotterdam by and receive the results, including international travel certificate, within a few hours (at the latest the next day).

Check the current rules in advance on the website of the central government.

  • Choose from results within 24, 12, 4 hours or 90 minutes.
  • Including international travel certificate.
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RIVM validated

The tests we use are ISO and CE-certified and validated by the RIVM.


Including travel certificate

Worldwide recognized certificate suitable for international travel.


Safe & fast booking

Appointment booked within 2 minutes and pay save online with iDeal or Creditcard.


Quick results

Results within 20 minutes for an antigen test. PCR-Standard = results within 24h. PCR-Urgent = results within 12h, PCR-Lastminute = results within 4h, PCR-Fastlane = results within 90m

PCR-test Rotterdam: PCR-Standard, Urgent or Lastminute options?

What test do I need?

Before Rotterdam you are obliged to do a PCR test no more than 48 uur before departure. You have three options by de keuze uit : PCR-Standard, PCR-Urgent of PCR-Lastminute. The cheapest option is PCR–Standard, where you will receive the results within 24 hours. You will therefore receive the results in time for your trip if you make a test appointment for PCR–Standard 72 to 24 hours before departure to Rotterdam Do you need the results faster? Then it is better to choose the PCR–Spoed test. With the PCR–Sped test you will receive the results within 12 hours. Are you really in a hurry? Then the PCR-Lastminute test is an option, lightning-fast results within 4 hours. For even quicker results, PCR-Fastlane is also an option. Results within 90 minutes.

By you will always receive an internationally recognized travel certificate. The certificate will be received by email in English and is of course suitable to plan your trip in the event of negative results.


Incl. travel certificate

The travel certificate is always in English and therefore suitable for traveling.



Recognized travel certificate


Quickest results

Results within 24, 12, 4 or 2 hours!

Difference between and the GGD

As well with the GGD as with you will be tested using a PCR-test kit. This test is RIVM approved. The difference is not with the coronatest itself, but with the required travel certificate. Using the services of you will receive an international travel certificate which you will need for your journey. The Municipal health service (GGD) does not provide you with such travel certificate, but only the positive or negative results of the test.

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Very fast results PCR-test with travel certificate Rotterdam

Appointment within 2 minutes.


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Book your appointment quick and easy at any desired time. You will receive an appointment confirmation.



Registration with your (travel)document and test within 5 minutes.



Quick results including an international travel certificate.

Testing by professionals.

Accredited, Validated & Certified

The laboratory is recognized by the Board of Accreditation and has an ISO17025 and ISO15189 certificate, thus meeting the strict requirements for quality and competence in medical laboratories (including testing and calibration laboratories).
ISO 17025 Certificaat ISO 15189 Certificaat